Life Is A Business! Manage It Better So You’ll Enjoy It More is the result of one man’s personal poor life choices, bad business decisions, eventual rebound and months of rigorous research and self-discovery to rise above the financial ashes of a mismanaged life. At the heart of the Life Is A Business! The concept is the ultimate realization that managing one’s personal life mirrors that of managing a Fortune 500 business. 

Charles E. Cox, Jr. defines nine key principles he used to turn his life around by emulating the successful characteristics embodied by Fortune 500 businesses, and teaches readers how to create and live their own life of prosperity. He serves as coach and cheerleader to inspire readers to action with the goal of achieving a life filled with prosperity. This unique and systematic approach to life improvement is a timely solution for individuals experiencing the financial challenges of a deep recession, the division of a family in crisis, and the individual frustration of an uncertain future. 

This book is written for every person who currently resides on “Main Street” in any city, state or country; people who want to improve their lives and are willing to invest in themselves to accomplish success. 

“It’s my hope to spark a paradigm shift across the world, a shift in the way we all view our lives. I also hope to lead and participate in a movement – a movement that will mobilize large groups of people to begin to live a life of prosperity” ~ Charles E. Cox, Jr.

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  • I just finished reading Life is a Business. This book was a great read. I gave it five stars. I liked how Mr. Cox included case studies with each of the nine principles, which went perfectly with each principle. I was engaged in the book from the beginning to the end. Matter of fact, a few of my co-workers commented about me reading this book. They stated that they could see me reading a book like this because I was always focused on bettering myself. I could relate to a lot of things discussed because I have read accounting books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I try to stay abreast of matters to bring equilibrium to my life. I recommend this book to readers who want to learn to take control of their lives and live a Fortune 500 Life.

    -Melica Niccole

  • There are too many “get rich quick’ books circulating the Self-Help section of bookstores. When I was first introduced to "Life Is A Business," I was skeptical that I would find anything new. Although the action steps recommended are not completely new, the presentation is novel. Charles Cox shares his personal experience of making it big, losing it, and then finally figuring out how to change his “roller coaster life” to achieve stability and success in both his business and personal life. After extensively researching Fortune 500 Elite companies, Mr. Cox identified nine principles for success shared by these companies. Taking these business principles, the author translates them to ideas and action steps used to achieve success in one's personal life. His main point is that changing one's perspective will change all aspects of your life. I share this philosophy.

    -Roxann Souci

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