Charles E. Cox, Jr.

The highlights of his biography show that Charles is a proud native of St Paul, Minnesota who now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has had a varied career that has molded him into the philanthropic visionary he is today. Charles has successfully worked as a licensed electrician, licensed general contractor and pursued opportunities in real estate investment, sales, development, venture capitalism and has now embarked on a career in the entertainment industry as a content creator. 

While he has had his good days, Charles has also felt the despair of loss as poor decisions in his business and personal life took their toll. In other words, Charles has had the ups and downs of almost every living soul. What Charles did that was different from many people is that he learned from his experiences. His observations through the various stages of his life led him to the belief that the combination of a solid education with a deep understanding and respect for money will help all people on their journey to prosperity. Charles is not just one to put together a philosophy of life. His mission is to bring these principles alive through his own efforts and passion. And he does so in a variety of ways below being one of them:

Charles has always been infused with the spirit of a serial entrepreneur. His success continues to carry on in multiple areas of industry and interests. He is a thought leader who brings his insight and experience to every endeavor. This brings a freshness and excitement to everything he tackles from business opportunities to his philanthropic efforts. He is a true visionary who approaches business situations or organizational issues in unique ways to bring about a positive outcome. This ability to be a “change agent” is a key to Charles’ ability to bring about improvements and achievement in any undertaking.
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